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White Western Civilization Supremacy.

Is Western Civilization really White Supremacy? The Left wants badly to convince you that they’re one in the same so you’ll help dismember one thinking it’s the other.

The sins of Western Culture are many, according to the Left – having been built upon the three legs of Judeo-Christian values, Capitalist Market Principals, and Representative Democracy. There are of course competing selections: Islam, Socialism, and Monarchy perhaps? Or Hinduism, Communism, and Tribalism maybe? Choose wisely.

What are the sins of Western Culture?

Well – there was the Magna Carta in 1215 – the beginning of the end of Monarchies and the beginning of Representative Democracy: it didn’t last long in its original form, but it was the start.

The West also gave us freedom of religion – even as it was a cause of great bloodshed for Centuries – and of access to justice, including freedom from unjust imprisonment, self-incrimination, and the right to a trial by jury.

The West gave us Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand of Free Market Capitalism. The US Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written with the promise to protect the rights of – eventually – all citizens. We fought a Civil War to see that promise through.

The West gave minorities and women the right to vote. It ended slavery and established a Middle Class and an entrepreneurial spirit. It gave us Judeo-Christianity and the belief that all are created equal – c’mon – you know the thing...

What – by contrast – can be said of Monarchies, Dictators, or Tribalism when it comes to freedom and justice?

What – by contrast – can be said of Socialism, Marxism, & Communism, when it comes to economic freedom?

What – by contrast – can be said of Islam & Hinduism when it comes to women’s’ / minority rights or slavery?

Yeah – that’s what I thought… Western Civilization hit the trifecta when it came to Religion, Economics, and Political Power Structures; it is supreme to any other combination. However, it's supremacy is color blind, blissfully ignorant of your religious affiliation (or lack thereof), and couldn't care less about your ethnic background. Western Civilization welcomes all comers and gives her freedoms and opportunities to all equally - the same cannot be said of the Left's favorites of Islam, Marxism, and the Dictatorial Power they seem to crave.

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