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Where did the Bermuda triangle go?

Back in the 70's and 80's there were entire documentaries about how mysterious th bermuda triangle was. How so many ships and plans had disappeared in there. There was speculation that it was a death for anyone who entered. "One and a half million square miles" of mystery, a worm hole, a vortex, methane, etc.

Here is a video on one of the stories.

Then someone mush smarter than all of us at the time sat down and took the data for 1.5 million square miles on any major trade rout and compared the data. It turned out to be all the same amount fo disappearances. the Bermuda triangle disappeared.

Fast forward to today... someone way smarter than all of us sat down and did the math on the "green energy" plan to save the planet.

Guess what?

"First, they say no fossil fuel cars after 2035. In the US we drive 3.2 trillion miles per year. Electric cars use ~0.3 kwh/mile. We'll need to build a 1 GW nuclear plant every three weeks starting tomorrow JUST for the extra electricity to charge the cars." ( I assume he meant 'cars' not cards.)

Ummm they won't let us build nuclear power plants, the government that is. The permitting process is a long 5 to 10 year process, if you can get it approved to be concidered.

Here is an in-depth analysis of the problem that addresses some issues raised on peak capacity requirements:

Just watch, the math works out to be impossible with the restrictions government has placed upon us, they will claim they need to save it, and in 2050. This will be the Bermuda triangle, still, no amount of windmills or solar panels will save us either.

FYI, any government entities reading this... forced compulsion doesn't work, attraction works. Think about that.. and I want my hover car, not a coal powered car.

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