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What Does BLM the Organization REALLY Stand For?

Here’s a quick quiz based on readily available information on BLM the Organization – most of it from their own website. Take the quiz and see how you do: Answers supplied below.

1 - Black Lives Matter is Committed to:

[a] Improving education in inner cities through vouchers and school choice.

[b] Fellowship with Middle Eastern terrorist organizations against Israel.

2 - Black Lives Matter puts a high priority on:

[a] Ending the Black Genocide of abortion wherein a Black child is slaughtered every 58 seconds.

[b] A pro-choice agenda.

3 - Black Lives Matter works to end:

[a] The death of 7 Blacks each day at the hands of other Blacks in the US, where 45% of all murder victims are Black. NOTE: This is FBI 2019 data, murders spiked some 30% in 2020 - stay tuned!

[b] On-going cis-gendered, hetero-normative privilege and thinking in our society.

4 - Black Lives Matter Believes:

[a] The dissolution of the nuclear family is a primary threat to Black communities.

[b] That they exist to disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family model.

5 – NYC BLM Chapter President Duke Newsome – awesome video game name – says they model themselves after:

[a] The teachings of Martin Luther King Jr.

[b] The Nation of Islam

If you guessed "A" for all 5, congratulations - what flavor Kool Aid did you drink?

If you guessed "B" for all 5, congratulations - there is hope for you, and all of us, yet.

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