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"War Crimes" and Other Philistine Claims

American weakness encourages savagery abroad, and the American Left's insistence on treating Palestine as something other than a terrorist state only emboldens Hamas and other terrorist organizations therein.

Palestinians have fired over 3,000 rockets into Israel - none at specific targets, just at population centers - hoping to hit as many schools, hospitals, restaurants and other public places as possible. It's like the V2 rocket attacks by the Nazis against Britain in WWII: The real target is terror and killing civilians.

Israel responds by duping the terrorists into moving their weapons and personnel into a tunnel complex and them bombing the hell out of that tunnel system to inflict maximum casualties on Hamas without ramping up collateral damage. They took out the Hamas "Intel Chief" this past week and then took to Twitter to mock them: "Guess our intel is better than yours!" - Love, IDF.

Hamas responds by showing pictures of - and touting the numbers of - dead women and children: You know - the women who have no rights under Islamic Law and the Children who would grow up to be suicide bombers in one of the myriad Monty Python-esque terror cells. What Hamas - and their lapdog media lackeys and American Leftists like AOC fail to tell you is that Hamas is firing at Israel from hospitals and mosques and apartment complexes - hiding like vermin in and amongst these targets on purpose.

- Fire rockets from schools, hospitals

- Israel flattens schools, hospitals

- Hamas takes pictures and claims - "Look, the Jews are killing our kids! our sick people!"

- Reuters and AP and everyone else plays along.

The Palestinians started this round of idiocy, and they are up to their old propaganda tricks - tricks swallowed whole by their allies in the press and the Democratic Party. Israel is defending itself, if the Palestinians had a soul, they'd stop using schools and hospitals as hide-outs and launch points and putting their own civilians in harms way.

Check this photo: An Israeli airstrike completely flattens a house and yet miraculously, the little pink bed playset is unscathed... It must be made of Vibranium.

Israel and Hamas Fighting Raises Questions about War Crimes (

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