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To solve the issues with violent crime, we need more nurses?!?!

Yep.. old applesauce Joe had the mic a few days ago and in case you missed it, here is what he said:

video here, original article archived

original article without video here:

From the article:

"They also can use that money to invest in programs that try to identify and mediate potentially violent conflicts. The administration will work with 14 cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore and Detroit, that are increasing investments in such programs, known as community violence intervention."

“It means more police officers, more nurses, more counselors, more social workers or community violence interrupters to help resolve issues before they escalate into crimes,” Mr. Biden said."

We need to send nurses into the hot zones of violent crime? Come on man!!

His 14 cities, all democrat run disaster zones of crime and violence

Now, for our scrupulous readers, you noticed a phrase that might be new to some people, "community violence interrupters"... who is that? Thats is a non profit company, maybe two, who:

"Work in the netherworld of street gangs and pass muster with gang leaders. Interrupters cruise the streets of the toughest neighborhoods to identify and intervene in gang-related conflicts before they intensify. If a shooting has occurred, they seek out the victim's friends and relatives and try to prevent a retaliatory shooting."

Pay is $15 an hour, Turn over is high, work is dangerous, many gang members rightly so think that they are associated with law enforcement or are just informants for the "other side."

Ole apple sauce just announced they are 'going to go after people who terrorize', so much for that organization!

So much for rescuing those people, good job Joe, you just made them a target.

I think Hunter needs to do some community service work in the "community violence interrupters" field, set the example his father things he sets.

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