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They are planning censorship again

Ever heard of Sun Valley resort in Idaho? It looks nice, but First of July is when the Tech giants and politicians meet to decide on policy and new ways of censorship for users.

Here is an article from last year.

List of confirmed attendees in 2019:

- Tim Cook, Apple

- Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook

- Anderson Cooper, CNN

- Colorado Govenor

- 2020 presidential candidate Hickenlooper

- Evan Spiegel, Snap chat

- Daniel Ek, Spotify

- Bill Koenigsperg, Horizion.

They have met like this since 1983, this is a basically a kingpin meeting for the media in planning on coordination and the silencing of any upstart platforms that may grab share.

The meeting is hosted by an investment banking firm named 'Allen and company" located on 5th avenue in NYC. This is a behind the scenes company that avoids any news reports and until recently did not have a online presence. (maybe thats the best way to operate) They were the original underwrites for google and twitter when it went public.

CNN money even says : "To say the firm is unusual would be an understatement. With 175 employees spread over three floors in an undistinguished building at 711 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Allen & Co. functions in some ways like a typical investment bank, pursuing underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, and other advisory work. It is an institutional broker and manages money for wealthy individuals, including members of the Allen family. But it has no research department and has never had a New York Stock Exchange membership. Statistically the firm is insignificant; Securities Data rankings show, for example, that in mergers and acquisitions, Allen has not ranked higher than 11th among all securities firms in any of the past 15 years. Yet Allen & Co. is a consummate niche player. Its specialty: forging long-lasting and lucrative relationships with corporate leaders. Its latest coup: a plum role in the coveted Google IPO."

Tons of tons of mergers have been come out of this meeting, its responsible for BET for being sold to Viacom, the AOL and TimeWarner merger, Google bought Youtube, etc

Hey, they are allowed to meet and form deals... it is a free country and monopoly busting is not a thing any more. The issue is that Intelligence agencies within the government attend. in 2003 and in 2005, Director of the CIA George Tenet was the keynote speaker. General Petraeus attended when he was head of the CIA. I have looked but cannot find transcripts of the keynote speeches. Wonder why?

Here is the Wiki page on the meeting:

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