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The 'ole Democrat slip of the topic

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Here at the TacticalMudpie we try to educate and catch the media and politicians in the tricks and efforts to manipulate they make. In case you missed it, in a recent press conference, Jen Psaki made waves by claiming that Republicans are the ones who seek to defund the "police." Social media has been full of memes and people speaking out and saying it's not true, and they are correct.

However... yea, there is always a however when dealing with democrats... she uses some very specific language that so far nobody has picked up on. That is, until your favorite researcher listened to the clip. Here it is below:

Did you catch it? Reporters asked about police... she references COPS. Watch it again if you don't think she did.

What she is saying here is a play on words, and it’s clever. Psaki mentions the “cops program” which is actually an acronym C.O.P.S.

COPS Program

COPS, standing for (Community Oriented Policing Services) comes as a direct result of the 1994 Crime Bill. Psaki says that Biden ran on increasing the budget, whereas President Trump ran on decreasing it. What a play on words, huh?

On the COPS website, it mentions specifically that it was a program that began with the 1994 passage of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (H.R. 3355).

The COPS program has a long history of being an unmitigated financial and bureaucratic disaster.

It was involved again in Obama’s “Task Force on 21st Century Policing” which resulted in millions and millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on BS committees, research, events, etc., with very little substance.

Essentially, just another liberal money pit.

Its a good thing you read the Tactical mudpie... you might have believed her.

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