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The Mudpie Tactical Perspective

Juror #52 on the Chauvin trial. Evidently lied to get on the jury.


Just to be clear, it is amoral and I do believe illegal to lie during questioning in jury selection in Michigan. Anyone who does this should me jailed under perjury, no matter the reason.

Evidently, “judge Kahill asked juror #52, whether he heard anything about the George Floyd civil case. He said, no. He explained hearing some basic info about trial dates, etc. from the news in recent months, but nothing that would keep him from serving as an impartial juror.”

Maybe this is true, the announcement of an award of 27 million dollars might be missed by someone. Juror #51 said that the 27 million might interrupt her being a fair and impartial juror, and was excused.

Juror #52 also said ‘no’ to two other questions about the demonstrations and whether not it would affect his ability to make a impartial decision... maybe so again but... what were the questions.

The first question was: “did you or someone close to you participate in any of the demonstrations or marches against police brutality that took place in Minneapolis after George Floyd‘s death? “Maybe he didn’t go to a demonstration in Minneapolis, I could possibly see that, but he is suspect now.

But the second question is key: “Other than what you have already described above, have you, or anyone close to you, participated in protest about police using force or police brutality?”

Oopsie, there’s pictures of him on his Facebook page in a T-shirt about Floyd’s death, at a protest, with his son and nephew. Those two are definitely close to him.

He was also quoted as saying: “members of the jury Had their own ideas about when exactly Chauvin broke the law, But Mr. Mitchel said, “we all agreed at some point that he did.”  This means that the jury did not agree as to what laws were broken and when.

He ruined the integrity of the trial, my opinion is this should be an immediate miss trial due to impartiality of the jury, we still get the privilege of an impartial jury especially in a case like this.

Guess this is not over, or at least there was no fair trial and it should not be.

Love how his "stock photo' is a posed pic making him look sincere... pppthhh.

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