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The accusations of the ‘right’ is fascist..

“Fascism is a right wing ideology and movement.” You can find this claim all over social media.

Sorry leftist, this is just something stupid people say when they want to sound smart. One should never forget the first principle of the old KGB

" Always accuse your enemy of exactly what you are doing "

They got that phrase from the Nazis who prob heard Mussolini say it... he was fascist.

Fascism is authoritarian, autocratic, And is characterized by strict controls over culture, economy, etc.

That’s today’s left wing in America.

With the exception of open borders, and keeping violent felons in prison, literally EVERY solution to every problem (from the liberal perspective) as “government needs to be bigger and have more control over that.”

When Facebook or Twitter CEOs testify before Congress, republican members of the panel express dismay at the censorship, and the way only certain “approved of,“ opinions are allowed on the platforms.

Democrat members of the panel are all out raged that tech Giants aren’t doing more to censor opinions the Democrats don’t like.

From Hollywood, to legacy media newsrooms, two big tech running social media platforms, The left controls at all, fully intend to shut down any opinion they don’t like.

Gina Carano has an unapproved opinion? Simple. Destroy her.

“Joe the plumber,” asked Barack Obama an embarrassing question? simple. Destroy him.

Dims are constantly re-shaping the language. Within 30 minutes of “notorious ACB” (Amy Coney Barrett) uttered the phrase “sexual preference,“ A Democrat Senator faked outrage at the term, and online dictionaries quickly edited their definition of the term to change it from something value neutral, to something derogatory.

All throughout academia, Hollywood, the language is constantly being rewritten (in classic fascist fashion,) to serve whatever recent agenda item I left demands.

The left is even now demanding “vaccine passports.”

Government agents with brown shirts can check your papers in the street now.

What’s the worst that could happen, right? Check history.

Fascism is characterized by strict controls over government, business, culture, and the economy. That is completely and 100% a left-wing trait in American politics, completely destructive, and completely un America.

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