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Systemic Liberalism

You REAALLLLY want to find and end “Systemic Racism”? It seems funny to point out that the Leftists running every major city and university swear it’s everywhere, but it’s not them or anyone they know because they’re “Progressives” – it must be Iowa pig farmers and other fly-over types: Dubuque, IA - hotbed of Systemic Racism. Certainly the Murder Capital of America, Chicago, with rampant gang violence, fatherlessness, and a 25% High School drop-out rate (that is likely higher than reported) isn't the place to be looking for it - I mean, Chicago gave us the Obamas!

Liberals define Systemic Racism in its simplest terms as unequal outcomes, yet they are the ones responsible for unequal beginnings. You know it: six decades of Liberalism, Fatherlessness, and Poor Education – education hampered by the NEA and NAACP and their war on school choice (CHOICE: good for killing children, bad for educating them).

Six decades of a Welfare “safety net” that is an inescapable spiderweb for most and a hammock for the most useless amongst us – Government doling out just enough to get by but not enough to get out: Just sell us your self-worth, your soul, and your pride and we’ll take care of you. It's the ultimate Faustian Bargain with the American Left playing the part of Mephistopheles.

Mankind isn’t wired that way: Don't toddlers look to adults for recognition and praise as soon as the first few synapses start firing? We innately, intrinsically seek self-worth and self-actualization: Liberalism snuffs it out.

End Systemic Liberalism and you end all the maladies that go with it that are falsely attributed to Systemic Racism. Oh, and by the way - you'll notice the ones screaming the loudest about it tend to be the Marxists who don't really care about ending it because they profit from perpetrating the lie that it exists not within their failures, but within our successes.

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