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Success: The Ultimate Racist White Supremacist Idea

I've been piecing together all the things that the "Anti-Racist" and "Critical Race Opinion" idiots have been calling "racist" - or they've associated with "White Supremacy" - and I think I have it figured out: The Marxists don't like success.

Think about it: Three of the latest things that are considered taboo by the Critical Anti-Racist Theory Crowd are Math, Math is racist: How data is driving inequality (, Grammar, Correct English Grammar Is ‘Racist’ | Education News (, and Politeness My Polite Privilege Is Racism | HuffPost.

Show of hands if you're successful in life and suck at Math and Grammar and you're an incurable, full-time, all-day-long asshole... OK, I see you Al Sharpton... but I mean other than... yes, yes,... OK, Jesse Jackson, I got you... But other than the occasional race baiting ne'er-do-well, show me somebody that is thriving, productive, and doing well for themselves.

You can't, because having basic math skills is important - I watch kids try to make change at the fast food counter: Watch them ring in $10.00 for something that was $8.78 and then give them 3 cents... it's the end of the world, they have to get a manager. You have to be able to function at a basic economic level and you cannot do that without basic mathematical skills.

You won't, because communication is important, it's more than that: It's vital. Jason Whitlock once told a story about visiting his sibling in Chicago and his niece and nephew asked him to "speak White", he was floored. Sorry, but we will judge you on your ability to carry on a conversation, send and e-mail with the correct forms of "they're, there, and their" in there, and write a basic form letter.

It will not happen. Society is ruder and cruder than ever - count the number of un-held doors slamming back into the faces of senior citizens thanks to ignorant teens and 20-somethings. But to think that being rude is somehow the key to defeating racism and White Supremacy, to cast "politeness" as "Whiteness", is just about the dumbest thing ever.

So now we know what they're really after: Success. Won't Clarence Thomas and Senator Scott be surprised to learn that they're White Supremacists...

Clarence Thomas, after Kagan explains to him that he is a White Supremacist... Probably.

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