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Studies Degrees and Western Civilization

Ibrahim X Kendi has a PhD in “African American Studies”. Studies degrees are just Marxist grievance degrees: They are utterly worthless to society as a whole, and yet our Colleges and Universities sell them like hotcakes (not Aunt Jemima ones, though…) to students not intellectually honest or strong enough to earn a real degree.

I find it ironic that the likes of Ibrahim X. Kendi want to tear down Western Civilization under the banner of “Anti-Racism”, yet please do enlighten me: In what other environment could an effeminate, pony-tailed, beta-male like Kendi acquire numerous degrees in something as worthless as “African American Studies”? I'd venture to say that IXK wouldn't last very long outside of the protective coating of Western ideals.

When your daily concerns are potable water and sufficient food to feed your family for the day – as it is for a few billion people around the world – you’re a lot less likely to have the spare time to go get a “Studies” degree and take Sociology 124: “The Sociology of Hip Hop”*. Civil Engineering or Animal Husbandry are probably a better use of your time.

When you spend your day wondering if Communist guerillas or Islamic jihadists are going to crest the hill outside your village and murder your men and sexually abuse your women, you don’t have time for or ANTH-392: “African Feminism Re-imagined”* (I’ve been to Africa, I don’t think it’s been “imagined”, let alone “re-imagined”).

There are somewhere around 195 countries in the world – I’m not sure if Taiwan is one or not, I’ll have to ask John Cena. Of those, roughly 40 are “Western” nations – the US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia/New Zealand. These are the nations that Studies Majors despise, yet these are the only nations developed to the point – and politically free and stable enough – that such inconsequential and menial degrees are widely pursued. I find it hard to believe that any University in the Arab world offers “Feminist Studies” degrees, or that “Gender Studies” is a big seller in sub-Saharan Africa: No - only the West produces such cancerous, self-immolating imbeciles and then gives them the axe that they wish to grind.

*Actual Course offerings at Georgetown University.

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