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SCOTUS Sides with Catholic Social Services ,9-0.

Also Sides with Darwin in trouncing the City of Brotherly Intolerance in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia.

QILTBAG'gers rally to no avail in front of the Supreme Court (Slate Photo)

Happy Pride Month, Y'all! At a time when Foster Care for children is needed more than ever before, the city of Philadelphia, in a fit of Lefty Wokeness, decided to ban Catholic Social Services (CSS) from the city’s foster-care system because it would not place children with same-sex or unmarried couples.

Are you a fan of the "Wall of Separation of Church and State"? The one erected during FDR's reign as President thanks to the Klansman he put on the Court? Well - good for you, because that "Wall" works both ways. I know that you and Hugo Black (the aforementioned Klansman) meant it for harm - to wall-in and slowly crush the role of the Church in the public sphere, but it just bit you here: The First Amendment held sway, NINE-to-NOTHING, and the SCOTUS held that the city of Brotherly Incompetence cannot be prejudiced against CSS due to the religious beliefs of CSS.

Score one for Religious Liberty and against state-sponsored discrimination of religious institutions. Sweetly ironic that the ruling happened during Pride Month. By the way, just like with Jack Philips, Homosexuals and unmarried couples have 20 other Foster Care options in Philadelphia, just not this one: Catholic Social Services, unlike "Catholic" Joe Biden, still believes in the sanctity of a one-man, one-woman, no-other-flavors-available, marriage.

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