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Runbeck Election Services, more questions than answers, but some very interesting questions.

Who printed the mail in ballots?

Who sent out the mail-in ballots?

What happened to the mail-in ballots that were RETURNED TO SENDER???

Were returned ballots ultimately used?

If so, who used them?

I always wanted to know, never asked before this past election, never really was a reason for it to cross my mind. But now it has. We know they lie to us, politicians almost have it in the requirement to be a politician, but how horribly did they decide to lie to us this time?

What we now know:

Runbeck printed mail-in ballots.

Runbeck gave mail-in ballots to USPS to deliver.

Runbeck received mail-in ballots.

Runbeck sorted received ballots - 40k per hour.

Runbeck has been partnered with Dominion.

Runbeck has been partnered with Maricopa County.

Runbeck was allegedly caught sending pallets of fake ballots to Fulton County, Georgia.

Runbeck was allegedly caught printing ballots with a ~30% error rate for Tarrant County, Texas.

What we don’t know:

1. Who received the mail-in ballots marked RETURN TO SENDER?

2. Were the mail-in ballots marked RETURN TO SENDER sorted away from the mail-in ballots which were filled out normally?

3. Were the mail-in ballots marked RETURN TO SENDER eventually filled out by the sender then dropped into the anonymous ballot drop boxes with no chain of custody?

This is what everyone should be asking, Dems won't because they thing they won. If the shoe was on the other foot, they would be screaming their heads off and yelling at the sky again.

OK.. Runbeck. Start off with a Google search. Blah, blah, ballot packet sorting, election services, blah, blah... what?!?! They sell Viagra? WTF!!

Why does a election ;processing company need to sell Viagra? Yea, elections are every 2 years but why Viagra and Cialis?

I can think of two possibilities why RUNBECK appears to be selling Viagra and Cialis.

1. They were hacked.

2. They are simply selling Viagra and Cialis.

Regarding point 1, RUNBECK boasts on their website of offering the highest level of cyber security guidance, security, training, and support. If they are professionals at cyber security, their website simply being hacked is hard to believe.

Regarding point 2, the subdomain http://old.runbeck. net (url broken on purpose to prevent clicking) seems to be selling Viagra and Cialis to the “old” demographic which appears to have been identified as being potential customers of Viagra and Cialis.

Interesting document describing RUNBECK’s plan to bring mail-in voting to the masses.

Document includes plans to change laws/rules and information about setting up SORTING EQUIPMENT FOR jurisdictions expecting more than 75,000 RETURNED BALLOTS.

How to steal your vote using a mail-in ballot:

1. Mail-in ballot sent to you by vendor.

2. You arent home, or ballot sent to wrong address, and the ballot is RETURNED TO SENDER (vendor).

3. Vendor fills in ballot on your behalf.

4. Vendor puts your now-filled-in ballot into anonymous ballot drop-box that it also operates.

5. Congratulations, you voted for whoever the vendor of your ballot wants.

So who printed Arizona's mail-in ballots? Answer: Runbeck Election Services printed ALL of the ballots in Arizona. They also mailed ALL of the ballots in Arizona.

Runbeck was also mentioned in Jan Bryant’s testimony at the Arizona hearing in November. Bryant testified that Runbeck was scanning the ballots and delivered them to the Maricopa Election & Tabulation Center for 7 days following the election.

Last October, RUNBECK knew Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would be election hotspots.

RUNBECK prepped about 30 million ballots nationwide accounting for approximately 30% of all the November paper election ballots?

(Their numbers, not mine)

There have been numerous emergency meetings called for by the city council of Maricopa county, Jack Sellers is the chairman, Bill Gates... yea Bill Gates... is Vice chair.

Statements from Sellers is that everyone is lying but him, he said the Ballots were moved on March 1, he provided pictures of ballots being shipped out of the facility, no time stamp.

But a quick search for security footage from inside the Maricopa County election center showing people moving ballots around on March 3?

Werent they already loaded onto trucks on March 1?

What happened on March 2?

Who had the ballots on March 2?

Huh, oh look... people in the rooms on March 3rd, with ballots that have been "shown" that they were moved on March 1st??

Where is the chain of custody for the ballots on March 2?

Did someone tamper with the ballots on March 2?

Did the auditors find ballots that were tampered with?

Do the auditors have absolute proof that they did not tamper with the ballots?



Wonder if anyone opened any ballot filled boxes for the 2 days the ballots were not in this room, with this worker/inspector/counter/changer. FYI, she is not the proper official.

If you read the article you will find out that the ballots should have been placed in custody of the Treasurer of Maricopa county, they were not. What is the REAL reason the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refused to comply with AZ statutes and turn custody of the ballots over to the Treasurer? Did it have to do with this nice lady and adjusting?

On March 6, The Gateway Pundit reported that SHREDDED BALLOTS were found in Maricopa County.

Were any ballots removed from the pallets on March 2?

Were any ballots shredded?

What is an expedient way to dispose of massive amounts of shredded ballots?

Does Runbeck operate shredding machines along with the Viagra and Cialis?

Side note... Clint Hickman from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors had a massive fire on his chicken egg farm on March 6. 🐓 🔥 🍗

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