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Rolling Thunder? Oh no… We’re “Rolling to Remember”.

Photos: Bikers Flood DC in ‘Rolling to Remember’ Ride for POW/MIA and Veterans – NBC4 Washington (

Of the many insults that the Biden Reign of Incompetence have poured out upon our land in a little over 100 days, denying the “permission” for Rolling Thunder to take place in 2021 was perhaps – up to that point – the worst.

Rolling Thunder was an annual motorcycle rally in and around Washington DC over Memorial Day weekend – excuse me: the “long weekend at the end of May” – to commemorate Veterans, especially POW's, MIA’s, and KIA’s. Hundreds of Thousands of bikes from all over the country participated every year.

This year, with Biden and his idiot SecDef Lloyd (Christmas) Austin – he who is busy rooting out “White Supremacy” from our military by snooping on the Facebook accounts of our 1.3M active duty enlisted men and officers like a psychotic ex-girlfriend —have denied the permits for Rolling Thunder to assemble at the Pentagon. I’m sure Lloyd Christmas Austin is terrified of so many White Supremacist-type bikers staging a second January 6th assault on the Pentagon or something.

Oh well…

Rolling Thunder didn’t take place in 2020, thanks to that lab leak in Wuhan. So this year, fresh off of Biden’s denial of permission, they changed their name to “Rolling to Remember” and still held their rally. After all, these men and women served and fought and lost brothers-in-arms to preserve the freedom to assemble; they certainly don’t need the permission of President Potato and his dipshit SecDef to ride through DC.

Oh – and no buildings were burnt, no police officers assaulted, no vandalism took place, no Target stores were looted, and DC was cleaner after they left than it was before they got there. Why? Because none of these guys are liberal beta-male Democrats.

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