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Remember back when Comey said no one would investigate Hillary?

Very, very interesting read, if you skip over the first 2 or 3 paragraphs.

WSJ article here

You can read the entire article here in archive if you do not have a WSJ membership.

Horowitz is investigating leaks concerning th eTrump administration, the democrats are cheering, but there is a interesting point right here

The leak whose investigation Mr. Horowitz will be investigating, according to the Times, appeared in the paper on April 22, 2017. It revealed that Mr. Comey’s “unorthodox” actions in the >>>Hillary Clinton<<< email case were driven by an intercept that showed the Kremlin to be in possession of a Democratic “email or memo” that referred to a conversation in which Obama Attorney General >>>Loretta Lynch<<< allegedly promised she wouldn’t let the Hillary investigation go too far."

Lets see....

- Comey coming out right before the election and talking about investigating Hillary in her email case a leak of a "email or memo", on here super secure home server that was in a bathroom?

- Lynch allegedly promised "she wouldn’t let the Hillary investigation go too far", was that in a tarmac meeting with a certain husband?

- Was the investigation into Trump and Russian collusion to make sure that the Trump campaign didn't have the emails?


"Real or fake, the Russian intelligence was enormously consequential. Mr. Comey’s chaotic interventions, culminating in his decision to reopen the Hillary case just before Election Day, are widely believed by pollsters to have elected Mr. Trump."

- So IF it was fake, Comey assumed that Hillarys at home email server had such poor security that he submarined the election?

- If it was real, why was Lynch restricting the investigation into a democrat who may have been compromised by the Russians?

- Did Comey coming out stop the release of the 'memo or email' right before the election that would have destroyed all democrats in all of the lower elections?

the article goes on to ask:

- If the intercept was real or fake, why did the Russians hold it back from their presumed release of other Democratic Party communications to WikiLeaks in July 2016? interesting

- Of all the leaks to investigate, why did the security establishment under Mr. Trump make a priority of investigating this one? Shouldn't Mueller have uncovered this in his investigation?

Comey made statements on the email or memo, Mueller knew about its possible existence..."Mr. Comey said he feared the “email or memo” would leak after Election Day, discrediting the expected Hillary victory as well as the Obama Justice Department," reported in the article.

Ohhh but there is more:

...." non-mainstream news outlets are interested in reporting, Ivan Vorontsov, a Russian journalist and downstream source for the Christopher Steele dossier, dropped a potential bomb last week in a sworn U.S. deposition. He said he was approached by the FBI at a reception at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in June 2016 and asked about his relationship with the former Brookings Institution analyst Igor Danchenko, at a time when the FBI supposedly did not yet know Mr. Danchenko was the primary source for the Steele confabulation."


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