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Recrimination hypocrisy

If Hunter Biden never received so much as a speeding ticket, he had multiple government 3 letter divisions covering for him and refusing to investigate improprieties. The FBI has had his laptop for years now and I doubt it has been powered up, they didn't want a copy of the hard drive when Giuliani’s home and office, seizing phones and computers, but it was purposely left.

Blast-Ford lied horribly, nothing,

Zuck lied wile in a booster seat,

Comey lied and illegally collected data,

Lois Lerner targeted and was caught receiving planted questions, nothing.

Happens to the right people in the right tribe among the regular citizenry.

Smollete hoax was never followed up on,

Maddow still has a show on CNN,

CNN is still on the air.

Does anyone think for one moment that Tony Fauci faces any recrimination?

He lied under oath. He’s a perjurer. What more do you need? What you need to know is he is in the right tribe, protected by the right tribe leaders.

My money is on there being FB and twitter suspensions or even knocks on the front doors of people angry about being lied to, their lives ruined, businesses lost.

'We lied to you, you have no right to be upset about it, it was for your own good, mean tweets are bad.'

Recrimination: an accusation in response to one from someone else. The legacy media has sainted him, they will make no accusations. The Dems used him to control and subjugate the country for over a year, they will make no accusations.

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