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pseudo-Muslim, Pro-Terrorist Ass Blames Anti-Semitism on Man Who Moved US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Need a Good Laugh? Read This:

Obama reacts to rise in anti-Semitism, says Trump 'fanned those flames' (

The party of "The Squad", the party of "BDS-Israel", the party of Nation of Islam and Islam in general, the party of anti-Semitism in every stripe and flavor that was emboldened in their stance by the collective orgasm of stupidity that was the election of Barack Obama... Twice... has just had ol' Barack pop-up and pop-off about the rise of anti-Semitism in the US.

It's Trump's fault.

Narcissists never accept the blame for anything - so 0bama blaming 8 years of incompetence on Bush during his reign was not unexpected, just as blaming Trump now (who has a Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner) for the rise in anti-Semitism should not shock any one.

Anti-Semitism, in word and deed, is almost entirely contained within the worthless, mouth-breathing Democratic Party far-Left base here and with their allies around the world.

Trump built the strongest US-Israel relationship in a generation, moved the US Embassy to the Jewish eternal capital of Jerusalem, and forged multiple peace accords between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

We are not all as stupid as the people that voted for you, Barack. Go back under your rock.

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