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Protest won't bring down communism in Cuba, the internet will.

Everyone has seen the protest, well you seen what little has come out of, in Cuba. Police arresting people suspected of broadcasting whats going on there in Cuba to the rest of the world. They have cut the internet off in an effort to restrict information from leaving the island state, but this shows the weaknesses of socialism/communism and their eventual downfall.

How did Cuba get to where it is though, here is a quick break down of its history for about the last 100 years.

- In 1933, FDR brought democracy to Cuba

- In 1952, there was a military coup and it installed a dictator, Fulgencio Batista.

- The dictatorship allowed Castro and about 100 initial 'freedom fighters' to overthrow the government and install communism in 1959.

- The US had to pick between a dictator and communism, they picked to support the dictator, the lesser of two evils and with the cold war raging it was the obvious pick.

- Bay of Pigs was the failed effort to take the country away form Castro, Backed by the US, it was a failure

- Cuban missile crisis come in because the new communist country Turned to the USSR for support.

- Kennedy got the USSR to remove the missiles in 1962 after an embargo.

- In 1980 Carter tells Castro that communism is wrong, so Castro opens up Cuba, and sends 125,000+/- refugees and political dissidents to south Florida. Miami at the time had an unemployment of about 50%, this was a huge mess for Carter. Then Castro closed up Cuba again.

- In 1996 Clinton, yea Clinton, established a permanent embargo after the collapse of the soviet union in 1991 and Castro shoots down 2 planes.

- Then Obama visits and opens up Cuba once again, bringing internet access to the Cuban people. Cuba allowed some property ownership but any help sent to Cuba by the Obama administration was gobbled up by the leading class or put in government stores where one Tylenol was $100 US.

***FYI Iran is making the same moves Castro did, they are looking to a advisory vs having trade relations with the US after a long embargo installed by the US, this time it is China.***

Why are the Cuban people protesting:

- Lack of freedoms

- Corona virus medications

- Over regulation

- Medications

- Inflation

- Lack of employment

- Internet access

One of the videos coming out of Cuba shows what they do when someone dies, of natural causes or of coronavirus. There are no caskets, the body is wrapped in a white sheet and the family is told to come pick it up. The family is expected to dispose of the body after picking it up after the defined period. If you don't have a car, most cubans don't, you are expected to come carry the body off.

The brief period that Obama had the internet available in Cuba, the cuban people become educated. They saw freedom and want it, this is why in these totalitarian regimes they always restrict the internet access immediately, to stop communication.

What will probably happen:

- One person will step up and be a uniting voice in Cuba. Right now they are not organized. All someone needs to do is unite the various groups calling for democracy.

- Internet becomes free and fully accessable, Elon Musk is bring that with his star link system. No longer will countries be able to simply turn the internet off and/or control what is being seen on it.

The ending land line restriction of internet will end Communism.

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