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Prediction time...

Starting, possibly before the middle of August, the loony left and all the so called 'scientist' are going to start pressuring low covid vaccination rate states to fully vaccinate, via aggravation and force if necessary.

Here are some predictions:

- Effort to mandate twice a week or more testing for unvaccinated people

- The pushing of the 'Delta variant' scare tactic as being mush more contagious, not more deadly, just more contagious... and blame the people who are unvaccinated for and hot spots

- The blame game is going to ramp up, regular people screaming at people in grocery stores again, it will be encouraged

- There will be a full fight against the 'disinformation' associated with the decisions to not get vaccinated, I see FB and Twitter censorship once again

- They will call the vaccination the easy choice, "Why not make the easy choice?"

- More calls for shut downs and mask mandates, (yea, that is probably not going away for a while)

- Making life difficult for someone who chose to or it was suggested to them by an actual physician to not get the vaccine due to underlying health issues or testing positive for the antibodies.

- Someone who remains unvaccinated will get a nasty label in the legacy media, anti-vaxer didn't work. I look for some word associated with death... death-merchant, pro-death

- Required wavers at schools and at workplaces if you opt out of the vaccination so employers feel safer, or encouraging employers to lay off anti-vaxers who then will not qualify for unemployment.

They are already on CNN complaining that, "unvaccinated people can already do anything they want in society, this needs to stop."

Punish anyone who does not step in line. Happy Hypercapnia!!

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