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Part 3 of 3: The Supremacy of Privileged Fragility

White Supremacy, White Privilege, White Fragility… All this Liberal assholery being stacked up like so many dead bodies of Clinton associates. What’s it all mean? Let me translate.

You mean the Klan-Democratic Party-Planned Parenthood axis of White Supremacy? No?

The Eugenic-based White Supremacy of Margaret Sanger and Planned UnParenthood? No?

The latest push against “White Supremacy” is actually a shot across the bow of Western Civilization; it has nothing to do with White Supremacy and Racism – mostly because the Left is a hotbed of racism itself and Democrats have a 160 yrs of White Supremacy coursing through their veins, encoded in their DNA.

SPOTUS Joe is enlisting the help of “neighbors” to report “radicals” – this is nothing new: Mayor De Blasio wants New Yorkers to snap photos of people failing to social distance and wear masks so that they can be dealt with, Bush the Younger wanted you to report your muslim neighbor if he happened to be muttering “Allah Akbar” and buying uncomfortable amounts of fertilizer and diesel fuel… But now? Now we’re all Stasi – we’re all to report “White Supremacists” who – according to Jo Jo – are “the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.”


So, what is “White Supremacy” to our addlepated SPOTUS and his inept, cackling whore of a Veep? Well, if you look at what Lloyd Christmas Austin is up to at the Pentagon – snooping through the FB accounts of 1.3Million armed service members – White Supremacy sounds an awful lot like good ol’ fashioned USA-first Patriotism.

I’d argue that “White Supremacy” to these cancerous fools is just “Western Civilization”; which is, by default, the “White way” of doing things, I suppose. Any Culture or Civilization is built upon three legs: A Political Leg, An Economic Leg, and a Social Leg. The Left has been hacking and hewing away at them for decades; renaming it “White Supremacy” in order to play upon the same idiotic White Guilt that gave us 8 yrs of Obama is just their latest trick.

Western Civilization hit the hat trick when it comes to Political, Economic, & Social structure:

  • Representative Democracy is vastly superior to Tribalism or Dictatorships – Score one for the West!

  • Capitalism is vastly superior to collectivism – Score two for the West!

  • Judeo-Christianity and its basis of Free Will and Equality is vastly superior to Islamic misogyny or the various mystical religions of Asia that result in sects and striations like India’s “untouchables”. – Score another one for the West. Hat Trick!

Of course, the Marxist Left hates freedom, prosperity, AND religion – so Western Civilization must go: What better way than to dupe their dupes into thinking “Civilization = Supremacy”? I mean - what has Western Civilization done for you lately? Instituted Democracy, invented the Middle Class, ended Slavery, codified Universal Suffrage, ended Child Labor... All of these are either denied (Democracy, a Middle Class, Suffrage) or still in existence (Slavery, Child Labor) elsewhere in the non-Western World today.

I ain’t buying it – This is the greatest country in the history of mankind – it’s why we need to build walls to keep people out, while the Communists had to build one to keep people in. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Patriotism is Racism, it isn’t.

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