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Part 2 of 3: The Fragility of Supreme Privilege

White Fragility, White Supremacy, White Privilege… All this Leftist stupidity being tossed around like so much cocaine at Hunter Biden’s house. What’s it all mean? Let me translate.

Resting Bitch Face of White Fragility Inventor, Robin DeAngelo - who appears to be White.

"White Fragility", the newest term in our ever expanding “Wokabulary” is defined as: “Discomfort and defensiveness on the part of a White person when confronted by information about racial inequality and injustice.”

Ahhh… OK. What’s “Inequality” and “Injustice” then? Are we talking about the Democrats and their militia wing – the Klan – terrorizing Black in the South for 100 years after the Civil War? Democrats and Jim Crow oppression? No… Oddly enough, we’re talking about modern-day America and crime statistics.

Racial Justice” – according to the lunkheads at “Global Citizen” is: “The systemic fair treatment of everyone regardless of race to create equitable opportunities and outcomes for all.”

“Equitable outcomes for all” … My niece is married, has a handful of kids, a full-time job, and a nice, new house in the suburbs. Her sister is a barely employed 30-something pot head that lives and works off the charity of their parents: If you can’t get equal outcomes from siblings that are 2 years apart and raised in the same house, attended the same school and church, and with the same exact opportunities of Middle-Class, Working-Class America, how do you purport to ensure equal outcomes for all?

Smells like Animal Farm.

It isn’t "defensiveness and discomfort", either, by the way. No, it’s exacerbation from dealing with idiots. And, since we're on the subject: Who’s fragile, exactly?

  • Who can’t have Blacks on Rice and Syrup Bottles?

  • Who can’t talk about character anymore, only skin tone?

  • Who find "racism" in dog ownership, front yards, and math?

It ain’t WHITE People… it’s WOKE people. You want an HONEST talk about racial disparity in this nation? No – no, you don’t. You just want scapegoats and strawmen so you don’t have to face the facts about poor policy making and even poorer personal decision making, and you want us to shut up and go along for the ride.

Fragile my ass.

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