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Part 1 of 3: The Privilege of Fragile Supremacy.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

White Privilege, White Fragility, White Supremacy … All this Marxist idiocy being flung around like so much fecal matter in a monkey house. What’s it all mean? Let me translate.

Inner City Baltimore, enjoying the fruits of Democratic control since 1967.

“White Privilege”: Say you’re a Liberal – not the myopic, blissfully ignorant, where’s-my-free-shit, run of the mill 20-something Liberal, not a shallow, rich, White, riddled-with-White-Guilt, Suburbanite, but a hardnosed, dedicated-your-life-to-it, Leftist asshole Liberal. Suddenly, after 50 years of Socio-Economic meddling and engineering, you look up and realize that all of your efforts have not only failed, but have had the exact opposite effect… What to do?

Well, you’re a worthless, anti-American, hate-filled, Marxist asshole, so you’re not going to step to a microphone and go: “Man! Did we eff this up or what?! <insert nervous Cackleputa laugh>”. Nope. You’re going to go into survival mode and throw something, anything, under the bus to distract everyone from the fact that you’re a disaster.

Enter “White Privilege” – a non-existent term prior to the 0bama years. Ironic, isn’t it? If 0bama was 100% White instead of just 50% White, he’d have never survived Iowa in the Primaries, but “Woke Privilege” carried him through 8 years of being the worst, most inept, most anti-American POTUS ever... But I digress...

White Privilege claims that Blacks face systemic racism and social stigma because they’re Black, and that Whites don’t have to face any issues at all. This is an easy sell to the angry, myopic, willfully ignorant, free shit Liberal base: Someone needs to take the blame for their poor decisions, why not “Whiteness”?

The first problem with “WP” is that the roadblocks supposedly placed in front of Blacks don’t seem to apply to immigrant Blacks from Africa and the Caribbean: Those who arrive here as small children or as college students with little more than a backpack and a dream. They, somehow, end up as successful Engineers, Doctors, and Entrepreneurs - nobody told them to be oppressed, and they just escaped the real, actual oppression of the Third World, so they're confused as to how a "free-everything" Welfare State is "oppressive" when they had to walk miles to get potable water while avoiding rebels and jihadists. They just worked hard, bridged a language barrier, and became successful.

The claims against the strawman of “WP” also melt under cross examination faster than Frosty the Snowman being waterboarded with coffee when you look at just one variable: Fatherlessness.

Having a Father in the home is a far greater determinant of success or failure in life than the color of one’s skin. A suburban Black kid raised in a two-parent home has a better shot at getting into the Ivy League school of his choice than his White or Asian classmates, but a White kid from Appalachia who only has a “baby daddy” bouncing around? That kid being raised by his single, likely teen, mother? A life of crime and a lack of education awaits him.

Check my upcoming Father’s Day Post for statistics on Fatherlessness.

But White Privilege? I’m not buying it – it’s just liberals covering their failures. Failures which are most visible in the inner city ghettos where large, Liberal-run cities have 4 major TV networks reporting on 5 decades of social decay within it: Liberal Cities that Liberal Policies have filled with fatherless, aimless youth.

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