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Ok... you are crazy.

Former governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe posted this tweet on the morning of the 6th:

OK, you're crazy.

Soooooo Ex Gov, are you arguing for guns to be sold without ID, and through the mail, and for legislation to make a national holiday for gun buying? Well are you?

Are you arguing that during the pandemic everyone should have been mailed a gun, whether they wanted a gun or not?

Are you arguing that there be no chain of custody for gun ownership once dropped off in a collection bin?

Are you arguing that people can stand on a street corner or go into a neighborhood and sign people up to get guns?

Are you calling for background checks on voters? There have been background checks on every gun that I own, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a record high 39.7 million firearm background checks for gun purchases in 2020, how many background checks were on voters?

Seems like this is his argument, but we all know it's not. David Hogg was the first shill to make this incredibly incorrect statement, McAuliffe is just perpetuating it to the uninformed masses, aka liberals and democrats.

I think this is a precursor to him running for president, ohhh boy!

Please don't run, I didn't bother to look to see if you were democrat or republican but you are an embarrassment Mr ex governor.

Think he is not and embarrassment? He forgot to turn on his grill and open his beer.

Hey Terry, every one of those burgers stuck to the grill once you tuned it on, post vids of that.

here is a helpful link...

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