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Oh no... they are going to sue someone who could not afford poster board

Awwww some one who put two languages on a sign to say "Go Grandma-Grandpa," "allez" means "go" in French, "opi - omi" means grandpa and grandma in german.

Yellow jacked... probably an American... holds out her sign in the way of riders and causes carnage.. all to get 1 second of fame and a message too grandma and grandpa.

Clueless fan who caused massive Tour de France crash still at large

"French police on Sunday were still looking for the spectator who sent Tony Martin and, consequently, a large part of the Tour de France peloton, crashing in the opening stage amid calls for fans to behave on the side of the road.

On Saturday, Martin was sent tumbling when he rode straight into a cardboard sign being held out by a fan looking the other way at a television camera, creating chaos with 47 kilometres left of the stage.

“The Landerneau police are investigating and we haven’t heard back from them yet,” Tour deputy director Pierre-Yves Thouault told Reuters after organisers ASO filed a lawsuit against the unidentified spectator.

“We are going to repeat our calls for fans to behave time and again, through the police on the side of the road and our social network,” Thouault added."

I guess the french will get will break out and dust off Inspector Clouseau, then sue. How about putting people like this on islands all by themselves and let them make all the signs they want.

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