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Moses, Jesus, Mohamed, and Darwin All Agree? Really?

In the great VENN Diagram of “Things Y*HW*H, God, Allah, and Science! Agree Upon”, there is but one thing in the center of those four overlapping circles: Homosexuality is abnormal, aberrant, and wrong. Sorry, Y’all – it’s “Science”.

  • You can look at it from the Judeo-Christian perspective: God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

  • You can look at it from the Darwinian perspective: You need Male and Female to procreate.

  • You can look at it from the Muslim perspective: They stone homosexuals to death in Muslim countries… today… by law…

So – Happy Pride Month, although your aberrant behavior and life style are nothing to be proud about, you can at least take pride in knowing that the four major monotheistic religions (Darwinism is a Religion too, just as much as Jerusalem’s three religions are) have only one thing that brings them together – and that’s you!

"Gender Fluid" Flag...

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