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More On Morons and C&H.

Bill Watterson, the creator of The Best Comic Strip Ever, (“TBCSE”) “Calvin and Hobbes” pulled the names of his characters, the precocious Calvin and his alive-to-him-only tiger Hobbes from the 16th & 17th Century philosophers John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes.

That C&H would trigger the Left is easy to imagine - Calvin‘s theology and Hobbes’ dim view of mankind left to their own devices, and his belief that 'knowledge is power' run counter to the godless and irresponsible outlook of the modern, humorless, Leftist who gains power through ignorance.

In one timeless strip, Calvin refers to the Godless “Big Bang” theory as the “Horrendous Space Kablooie” - the “HSK” for short - which some good natured souls in the scientific community have adopted, finding “Big Bang” too dull a term, just as Calvin had.

Watterson also nailed the pseudo-intellectual psychobabble of today with a clairvoyant cartoon in 1993 in which Calvin writes a book report entitled “"The Dynamics of Interbeing and Monological Imperatives in Dick & Jane: A Study in Psychic Trans-relational Gender Modes.” Sounds like a course offering in an intellectually vacuous “Studies” degree program, doesn’t it?

Images are the intellectual property of Bill Watterson

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