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Minimum Wage Data

US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019:

1.6M hourly wage earners earn at or below Minimum Wage: That means 1.9% of all workers being paid an hourly wage are at or below the Federal Minimum Wage.


- Workers under 25 make up 20% of hourly earners, but 40% of Minimum Wage Earners.

- Singles are 3x more likely to be at or below Minimum Wage than Married people.

- Women are 3x more likely to be Minimum Wage or below than Men – assuming we are still just talking in terms of binary genders… I think that’ll change soon.

- Minimum Wage employment varies little across racial groups – it’s roughly 2% for White, Black, Hispanic, and Asians.

- Almost 900,000 of the 1.6M at or below Minimum Wage are in Food Service.

- 2.1% of Minimum Wage earners are in a Union, which means that even what little they make, some of it is being wretched out of their pockets so Richard Trumpka can eat at 5-Star restaurants.

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