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Minimum Rage

US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019:

82.3M American workers over the age of 16 were paid an hourly wage. Of that, 392,000 of them made Minimum Wage, while 1.2M made below Minimum Wage (mostly Restaurant Workers)

1.6M hourly wage earners, therefore, earn at or below Minimum Wage: That means 1.9% of all workers being paid an hourly wage are at or below the Minimum, 98.1% are therefore paid ABOVE the Minimum Wage. (I’ll wait for you Common Core Kids to catch up on the math…)

Democrats love to tout raising the Minimum Wage as some sort of altruistic campaign of human dignity – the same dirt bags slaughtering the unborn, destroying the very definition of human sexuality, blaming the cops for all their failed socio-economic experimentation, and encouraging child trafficking at our southern border…. Yeah - suddenly, they're concerned about "human dignity"? Don’t be dumb enough to buy it.

You may recall that the People’s Demokratik Republik of Seattle hiked the minimum wage inside Seattle city limits a few years ago: Prices went up, unemployment went up, and restaurants closed – people just ate outside of Seattle City Limits… The failure was blamed on people being greedy, not on Liberals being idiots for mandating $15/hr.

A few side effects of artificially inflating the Minimum Wage:

- Price for Unskilled Labor Approaches Skilled Labor: The real beneficiaries of Minimum Wage hikes are non-Minimum Wage Union Workers who either have their pay scales indexed to the Minimum Wage or who – as Skilled Laborers – see the margin between their costs and unskilled costs vanish.

- Technology Replaces People: We already have ordering Kiosks in Fast Food joints, and Flippy The Robot Burger Flipper is getting the kinks worked out. Those that a MW hike purport to help are the ones who suffer most when it is raised.

- Prices Go Up: If McDonald’s has to pay $15/hr instead of $7.25/hr – guess what happens to that Happy Meal? Yeah – the price gets real Unhappy…

- Hours Get Cut: Once Flippy and the Kiosks are in place, once Kroger goes to all Self-Check-outs, they don’t need as many employees and the ones they have? They don’t need them full-time: So jobs are lost and hours are cut and those supposedly helped by this Congressional largesse are the ones hurt the most.

Why? Because that’s what Liberalism does:




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