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Let's try "Biden's Weakness" Shakes Trump's Boast of "New Middle East".

Violence Shakes Trump’s Boast of ‘New Middle East’ (

Animals smell fear, despots smell weakness. 0bama's Middle Eastern politics resulted in a cash-rich, nuke-enabled Iran, a 2 Million square mile dumpster fire of failed states from Libya to Yemen to Syria, and 7th Century barbarians ruling a swath of territory the size of Tennessee. Trump didn't placate Iranian generals, he bombed them. Trump didn't joke about ISIS being the JV team, he set about to make them ISNT ISNT. Trump didn't ignore the issues, he faced them head-on with good ol' American strength: He spoke loudly and carried a big supply of cruise missiles.

Biden is back to his boss's feckless ineptitude: Within the first 4 months of his reign as SPOTUS (Supposed President of the United States) Iran is running amok again and the Palestinians, whom Trump ignored, are firing rockets at Israel (and themselves... ooops - bad targeting knocked out power to a quarter million of their own the other night).

The Violence is nothing new, and sadly, a weak American presence and response isn't either.

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