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Jesse Bloom Doesn't Kill Himself

Seattle scientist digs up deleted coronavirus genetic data, adding fuel to the covid origin debate (

Jesse Bloom is a "Computational Biologist" working at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the People's Republik of Seattle. Ol' Jesse stumbled across some early 2020 genetic research on CoVid-19 that had been deleted by the NIH - the National Institute of Health - floating in the internet Cloud.

According to the article, "The NIH released a statement Wednesday saying that a researcher who originally published the genetic sequences asked for them to be removed from the NIH database so that they could be included in a different database." Oh - well... OK, then!

Except for THIS:

NIH Deleted COVID Data | National Review

From the Article in National Review: "The U.S. National Institutes of Health deleted gene sequences taken from early COVID-19 carriers at the request of Chinese researchers, raising concerns about Beijing’s efforts to conceal information crucial to the virus origin investigation. A Chinese scientist asked the NIH to eliminate the sequences after submitting them three months prior, the NIH told the Wall Street Journal."

OH! WELL!... NOT OK, then... NIH left out that the early gene sequencing was removed because the CHINESE asked for it to be removed.

Yeah - any of you morons still believe this virus came from a Bat Burger in a wet market?

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