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Its the best comic strip ever... SHUT UP!!

Calvin and Hobbes... ever read it? Its about a mischievous little boy and his sometimes stuffed tiger/best friend and the mischief he gets into.... EVERYONE KNOWS THIS!!

Have you seen the comic where Calvin and Hobbes are sitting under a tree and Calvin ask his pet tiger, "So how 2A are you?" Next screen shows a boy and his tiger driving a T-47 tank down a hill at top tank speed. Thats funny!!

But wait... thats not a picture of the comic i'm referencing. Welp, you cant see it, its been taken down (yea, yea I know its out there somewhere but I have looked and cant find it) because of comments like these:

"... I read my comic strips to get away from politics, this has ruined C&H for me forever..."

"... The AR-15 is a weapon of war and people should not own them..."

and "... Thats not a gun, thats a tank. The second amendment is not about tanks..."

Come on people... its a comic strip.. just flip to the next one, move on. People are allowed to have opinions that don't match with yours. GROW THE F*********K UP!!

We will find it, we will repost it, we will trigger Karens and Kens, we are the the fans of Calvin and hobbes.

Guess this is anti construction... anti home improvement.. or just things little boys do and we laugh about it now. Pssttttt its the latter.

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