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It's The One Thing...

Liberalism: There is no aspect of your life… Check that… there is ONE – and only ONE – aspect of our lives that Liberals want ZERO control over. For all their micro-managing of our lives, they say the government should have no say over a person’s body, especially a woman’s body. All the pro-Abortion arguments end up the same: Their body, their choice… But is it?


- Your tween-age daughter want to pop a Tylenol at school? Verboten: we have zero-tolerance rules.

- Does she want to drive at 15? Nope – gotta be 15 ½ to get a permit.

- Maybe she wants to be cool and Vape at 16? Too bad, gotta be 18.

- Does she want a tattoo at 17? Can’t get it without Mom or Dad signing off.

- Maybe she’s off to college and wants a beer for her 19th birthday? Oh, no… sorry – gotta be 21.

- Maybe she just wants a 44oz Big Gulp in what’s left of NYC… Nope.

- Some trans-fats? Uh-uh.

But: Can she kill her own offspring because it’s inconvenient to her lifestyle? Certainly… Even if she’s underage? Of course… Even if Mom and Dad don’t find out? Absolutely! She can’t take a Tylenol in school at 14 even with a note from Mom and Dad, but she can get an abortion at 14 and Mom and Dad have no idea.

They want to tax and regulate and strangulate every aspect of your daily lives except for one thing… Wanna guess?


Not only does the Left NOT want to control it, they want to unleash it. Not only should the there be ZERO moral influence (handy that FDR’s Klansman on the Court – Hugo Black – built that “Wall of Separation”, isn’t it?) from any civil or religious institution, but the full dystopian, dysfunctional range of sexual deviance and abnormality should be shoved down our collective throats. Read Dr. Seuss ?! Heavens no! Unless - of course - it's Drag Queen Story Hour, then - by all means...

So that is the heart of Liberalism – cold, dead, and blackened by the cancer of immorality and licentiousness: All aspects and areas of our life: Garage, Kitchen, Living Room, Yards – must be controlled, regulated and taxed in a punitive manner. But sexual deviancy of every stripe and flavor must flow freely and be forced upon even the most disinterested while the slaughter of the unborn is paid for with the taxpayer's dime.

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