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It’s not a valve problem...

The legacy media keeps saying there is a gas shortage, that a pipeline was shut down... as usual this is incorrect.

All pipelines are required to have manual valves by code. They could have solved any "shortage" issue within a few hours. Doesn't matter is there was a hack or not.

“The breach affected Colonial’s business networks, which it uses for tasks such as managing payrolls and reporting data to regulators.”

So the hackers, I’m beginning to think it wasn’t even hackers, attacked the billing and reporting portion of the business Stopping the ability to sell the fuel.

That’s almost so simplistic that I’m impressed. The legacy media is reporting that the pipeline is refusing to pay the ransom, this means that they probably are, they just don’t want copy cat hackers. other news, the hacker group claims to have breached 3 other companies in the same fashion. Need to hire these hackers to look into election fraud.

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