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It's concerning that 6 states are not vaccinating

Why only 6? Well its 6 specific states, states that were swing states that are being contested and audited on their election results.

The top 11 most percentage of vaccinated states are all blue states and voted for Biden in the 2020 election

The least vaccinated states all went red and for Trump

Now the 5 states that are contested and have audits going on... they are all in the low vaccination side.

Georgia only 36.6%, Arizona 40.2%, Michigan 47%, Pennsylvania 49.6%, with Minnesota being the only one over 50% with 51.8%.

What does this mean? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

It is interesting though that states that the Democrats claim to control and have swung over to their favor in 2020 are not stepping in line now when it comes to calls to get vaccinated. Looks like if they carried 50% of the vote, the citizens would be more than willing to follow their instructions.

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