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I’d like to remind you, “where there is smoke, there is fire.”

This would be an interesting series for the magicians and sorcerers of the MSM to figure out, since they’re on a debunking mission to preserve this malignant administration.

I think a number of states, both key competitive states, and not, have manipulated their voter rolls for the desired outcomes in the 2020 election. Here are some examples:

NEW HAMPSHIRE – New Hampshire now has about 1.37 million residents, an increase of about 4.6 percent since 2010. Over 10 years, thats a population of +/- 63,000 residents. In may 2010, there were 922,022 registered voters.

From 2012-16, the state only added 13,000 net new registered voters. In the past four years, they added 200,000, pushing the state a couple points to the left, which would make an analyst looking at party registration shifts assume “NH moves left.” GOP registered 37k, but out-registered 2:1 by Dems overall, with another 97k Indy/Other. So, 1/5 of a million new registered in a state of 1.37mm. For perspective, neighboring VT, with close to half of the population of NH, registered just 34k net new voters (also probably heavy based on county analysis) – meaning NH is 3x higher in net new registered voters if we set populations to equal.

These are what you call phantoms.

Phantoms disappear too... right before November 2020: 152,406 "undeclared" voters appeared.. 75,000+/- have disappeared since then.

ALASKA – From 2012-16, just 23,000 net new registered voters, split 51% for a party and 49% Indy/other. From 2016-20, 3x the amount (68,000), at 4.5% Rep, 3.5% Dem, and 92% Other/undeclared. This moved most of their voting districts left thanks to the amount of undeclared diluting the math, suggesting a left lurch to an analyst. You may remember that AK took 3 days to call even with the artificially shortened 10% margin. I believe it was the 3 electoral vote booster in case the plan got hung up at 268 electoral votes and Biden needed that boost, and they kept that in their pocket for 3 days.

CALIFORNIA – San Francisco didn’t seem to care much about the election, expanding the rolls by just 9,000 voters (about 1.8%). But if you look around Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego were all about this election, with between 215k to 297k net new registered voters EACH. And California has an overall declining population, I guess we are supposed to think that these counties are still attracting new residents.

Previous highs in expanded voter registrations since 2008:

Orange: 75k

Riverside: 106k

San Bernardino: 36k

San Diego: 90k

A deeper look into CA has me questioning the state, as Trump improved tremendously in most of the major counties in the state, especially San Diego, LA, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino. CA, as everyone knows, is vital for the national popular vote propaganda piece for Democrats, and somehow California manages to turn everything around it blue and still double its own Dem votes in two decades with a now stagnant population growth. Can’t be both.

ARIZONA same story.


2004-08: +179k (+64k D, +16k R)

2008-12: +87k (-34k D, - 6k R)

2012-16: +344k (+108k D, +86k R)

2016-20: +433k (+196k D, +148k R)

City of note, Pima Arizona:

2004-08: +49k (+21k D, +10k R)

2008-12: -1k (-13k D, -4k R)

2012-16: +48k (+21k D, +9k R)

2016-20: +96k (+52k D, +22k R)

Governor Hobbs is almost certainly stuffing voter rolls with phantoms, not just with Maricopa, but Pima, too. AZ needs to do a thorough canvassing. We have a historically red state with historic R gains in registration, that has been growing a lot for decades, with numbers this lopsided. Maricopa looks like it may have also been manipulated in 2016.


There are other states with bloated rolls, like Florida and Texas. CO doesn’t show much movement in the two parties but tons of new registered undecided/others, along with WA and OR. PA and NC appear to have let their party rolls run clean, showing a tremendous win by Trump, but pulled things off differently on election night somehow.

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