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Illustrating Chicago "Values."

Here is a cool website that tracks the going ons in Chicago in the shooting and murder epidemic there.. interesting stats to say the least.

If we watch the media there are no issues with Chicago, it's all flower plots and holding hands. Well all good till a police officer shoots a criminal in self defense or deals with a unruly drunk.

Don't believe me?

33.3% killed 66.7% wounded in Police involved shootings in 2021. Looks horrible until you see its 3 killed, 6 wounded. 9 out of how many arrest... who knows. But the real story is here.

Shot and killed: 311, wounded: 1474. Total shot: 1785. Total homicides: 329

cops 3.... 'citizens' with illegal firearms 311.

cops 6... 'citizens' with illegal firearms 1474

June to date. Shot and killed 60, wounded 279, 61 homicides.

Week in progress. Shot and killed 7, wounded 20, homicides 7.

So in a week, the criminals doubled the cops YTD

I see an issue that is not being discussed in the media.

Other 'fun' stats:

- 113 shot in the head

- 82.8% are black, 13.5% are hispanic

- 66 people have been shot in their backside

- 17 have been shot in the 'extra gentile area'

- 632 car jackings

- 14 have shot themselves

and finally....

2021 Multi-victim Shootings

Good job Chicago, looks like it's not a cop problem.

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