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If pandering backfires on AOC, does she hear it?

Matt Walsh

Yesterday at 3:52 PM


For 3.5 years, AOC has been waiting on the government to fix her abuela's home. In 3.5 hours, generous conservatives were able to get the job done, hitting our goal of $48,000 (and still climbing).

This is how Americans do it. We don't wait for the government to save us. We take matters into our own hands and get things done. Alexis de Tocqueville recognized this as the genius of the American experiment.While we've hit our goal, you can still donate here:

If we aren't able to reach AOC's abuela, or she turns down the money, all donations will be refunded.

Matt Walsh

We're saving the world, one abuela at a time!

Good for you Matt, obviously its not high on AOC's list... 3.5... years... later!!!

not sure when this cap was taken....

but looks like go fund me got wise, an elite's effort at pandering was being exposed, so they took it down.

Booooooo now AOC's Aduela's home will never be fixed!!

Shouldn't ACO be crying, dressed in stylish white, at a fence, about the cancelation?

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