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I think we are missing how cool this is!!

"Falcon 9 completes its 100th successful flight in a row."

Flights... yes... landings ehhhh, well they are perfecting the landing part but landing a rocket on a small barge in the middle of the ocean or back on the original launch pad is a huge step and should see setbacks there.

Eric Berger Senior Space Editor at Ars Technica. Author of the highly rated book LIFTOFF, on the origins of SpaceX stated

"After learning to crawl, walk and run, the Falcon 9 is now sprinting.


• 100th consecutive, successful launch of a Falcon 9

• 16th launch of 2021, a cadence of one rocket every nine days

• 6th launch during the last 33 days, once every five days"

This is astounding... back after WWII, with propeller driven commercial airline planes, there were commercial airline plane crashes on a weekly basis. Fast forward today, excluding smaller planes and purposeful crashes, we have not has a major commercial airline crash in almost 20 years. (yes small plane crashes happen, I'm referencing major airlines).

Has SpaceX reached this pinnacle?

14 astronauts died during the shuttle programs, Space X has had 100 straight physical launches without issue. This should be on every headline.

One person has been killed while in flight while testing the SpaceX platforms, 31 October 2014, Michael Alsbury was killed and Peter Siebold was seriously injured when SpaceShipTwoVSS Enterprise disintegrated during a powered atmospheric test flight over California due to premature deployment of the feathering system.

Here is the historic launch

Time to go and do some pushups and sit ups... I might get a space travel chance yet.

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