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I think its time to get tough

China... the communist part... there is a portion of the country's/leadership and a portion of the country love them some communist China... we have actors and sports 'figures' learning the language and apologizing for simply saying that Taiwan is a 'country.'

The communist occupiers of China has gotten too big for their britches. They are pissing off half the world, and that's our job! the World is a better place with us as the rational voice of the world.

Back in April, "Australia has cancelled two Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) infrastructure deals with a state government, provoking an angry response from Beijing. The bilateral deals with Victoria state were among four vetoed under new laws that give the federal government power to overrule international agreements by lower-level administrations that violate the national interest, Foreign Minister Marise Payne said late Wednesday."

The communist occupiers of China has pissed off most of indo-china, Africa, India, and Russia.. and yet we prop them up.

Back in 2009 Russia and the communist occupiers of China had a deal to bring oil into the northern regions of China, predominatly a coal burning region (would have helped with Chinas carbon emission issues). The pipeline was 90% done and the communist occupiers of China came into a meeting and decided that they could not pay the long agreed upon price for the oil, changing the deal after Russia had put in place the agreed upon pipeline. Putin stormed out of the meeting and it took years to get the pipeline finished. Money spent there hurt the economy of Russia, an already struggling economy.

The democrats missed a huge opportunity back in 2009 when Putin was pissed at China. They won't step up. I miss the previous administration, they would have properly addressed the actions of the communist occupiers of China. The 'powers that be' thought years ago that we could out economy the the communist occupiers of China and as usual it didn't work. Our knuckle head leadership turned our economy over to China, allowed them to control the deals that were being made. And the communist schooled us while the Taiwanese and the area of Hong Kong showed us the potential ofCentral Asia.

Here is what I think needs to happen:

- It's time to get tough... recognize Taiwan as a country, the official China, the China we dealt with during WWII.

- The communist occupiers of China in main land China as an occupation of the Taiwanese homeland and allow Taiwan to launch rockets indiscrliminintly and condemn communist main land China if they fight back.

- Recognize Hong Kong as a part of Taiwan, allow them to shoot rockets or close themselves off to intrusion by the communist.

- Increase relations with India, they are not fiends of the the communist occupiers of China and would love the boost to their economy if we bought Indias goods.

- Strive to end religious prosecution of minorities in main land China; Christian... Muslim.. buddhist, etc. The communist occupiers of China, you have to accept them.

- Make it illegal for The communist occupiers of China to place restrictions on businesses doing business in china. Allow Profits to be moved out of the Chinese mainland and invested elsewhere

Oh and we need to know what happened to this guy, if he was imprisoned or 'ended' there needs to be human rights violations investigations.

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