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I'm Vaccinated and I have ... Covid?

Yes! Isn't it Great? The Vaccines Are WORKING!

Vaccines that work PREVENT illness.

Vaccines themselves are made of a dead virus or a severely weakened virus, injected or ingested to trigger an immune response and build anti-bodies to prevent the real virus from taking hold.

The mRNA CoVid-19 "vaccine" isn't a traditional vaccine - which begs the question: Why - if we know what the virus is - haven't we made a real vaccine out of dead or weakened SARS-CoVid-19 viral cells?!?

No. The mRNA FrankenVax is a genetically engineered replacement, but it acts just like a virus, invading cellular operations in much the same way. We know of the short term side-effects, including some nasty blood-clotting issues and heart inflammation, but we have no idea what these little genetic marvels will do long-term.

We do know this though: They don't work. They "work" according to their proponents, but they don't actually work. Data from the US, the UK, Iceland and Israel all point to the same conclusion - the Delta variant is just as infectious and contagious to the vaxxed and the non-vaxxed. The vaccines lose potency within months, leaving the vaccinated just as vulnerable.

  • University of Wisconsin data shows the same viral load in vaccinated and non-vaccinated CoVid-positive patients across Wisconsin.

  • Israel has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, and they're being eaten alive by the Delta - ravaging both vaccinated and non-vaccinated as well.

  • Iceland has roughly 85% of the over-16 population vaccinated and - like Israel - is seeing massive spikes in both positive cases and hospitalizations for vaccinated patients.

Z-packs and Hydroxychloroquine seem to be a better bet, but there's no money to be made there... But they continue to move the goal posts as the vaccines continue to fail: No longer is "efficacy" measured in prevention of infection, but rather in preventing "Serious" infection, even as that canard proves false. Now, it's "booster" shot time - first two didn't "work-work"? get a third stick!

They really have no idea what the hell is going on: It's the world's biggest humans-as-lab-rats experiment since Josef Mengele's heyday.

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