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Humm, I thought the dems fled Texas over voter reform

Everyone has seen the pictures of the plane load of maskless Texas dems leaving Texas to avoid voting on 'voter reform'.

Some have seen the post that there have tested positive for Covid eevn thought they said they were all vaccinated.

Even fewer have probably seen that the VP met with the Dems that tested positive but assumes she doesn't need to quarantine or mask up.

But no one in the legacy media is reporting this.

Check the date

July 12, 2021.... check the date here on Texas-2021-HB241

July 12, 2021.. yep. It's the same.

Now we know why they ran, the actual reason. Why did the Texas Dodgy Dems run away?

Would they potentially lose their elected positions if a forensic audit is conducted in their districts? I think so.

Don't forget the (totally "not" propaganda) reports from last year where the legacy media was trying to deceive everyone by suggesting that Texas was “turning blue” or officially purple.

Titles like this...

Here is Texas-2021-HB241, its not very long but one can assume that this is the real reason the dems ran from Texas. Here is hoping they are arrested and caught with the impending audit.

Looks like the Dems leaving wont stop the bill and the audit, will be interesting to watch.

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