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Here's Your Sign!

I just LOVE this sign…

Science is REAL! – except the part about XX and XY Chromosomes and there being only 2 genders, or about that whole “fetus is an unborn baby” stuff, but otherwise, we’re all-in on the fungible small-“s” science stuff that can be bought off.

Black Lives Matter – except for the thousands of Blacks killed by other Blacks annually and the hundreds of thousands of unborn (see above) Black babies killed in abortion clinics – killed at 3 times their representative level in our population. Those don't matter so much, but gimme a drug addict with multiple felonies assaulting a cop? Oh yeah - that one matters...

No human is illegal, but human actions are illegal, all the time: Breaking a law makes you a criminal, it doesn’t make you not-human.

Love is Love – that includes Pedophilia, by the way… Calling it now, just wait.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights, unless it’s an unborn woman, then it doesn’t have any rights – because we all know that the ONLY “woman’s rights” you’re talking about it the “right” to kill her own offspring out of selfishness.

Kindness is Everything – because we all know how kind and tolerant the Left is, don’t we?


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