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Here comes more squares!

Guess what, Trump actually took some things seriously while he was president. Yea the media never covered this kinda stuff, it was all pee pee tapes and mean tweets, but he did take things seriously.

So what did he take seriously?

Architecture of course. Presidents get to assign people to various boards and committees that are prestigious in the decision that they make. The Kennedy Center is the most famous one, Pelosi has her kids deeply entrenched in that money pit, she assures it gets pork style funding in every bill passed. Most famously in the first stimulus bill.

Yesterday, Four members of the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts, all Trump appointees, were told to "tender their resignations by Monday evening or consider their positions terminated," This was shown to be accurate in a shared a copy of a letter from the White House with Bloomberg CityLab.

So what is the Commission on Fine Arts? It is an independent federal agency that reviews and advises decisions about memorials, monuments and buildings in D.C., among other topics; its seven commissioners serve four-year terms.

The information was released by the now-former chair, Justin Shubow. Shubow, a classical architecture advocate and president of the nonprofit National Civic Art Society, has served on the commission since 2018. Shubow and the other commissioners who were asked to leave — sculptor Chas Fagan, landscape architect Perry Guillotand architect Steven Spandle — were appointed by President Donald Trump, as were the three remaining commissioners, designer and developer Rodney Mims Cook, Jr., architect James C. McCrery, II, and architect Duncan G. Stroik.

NO big deal right? WRONG!

In a statement, Shubow stated, “In the commission’s 110-year history, no president has ever removed a commissioner” He went on to say, “It sets a terrible precedent to remove any of us and represents a politicization of a body that has been apolitical.”

The White House confirmed the action, stating that President Joe Biden has 'the authority to remove the commissioners, whose staunch support for classical architecture does not align with his values.'

Thursday, the White House said that President Biden intends to appoint four new names to the commission:

Peter Cook, principal for HGA Architects, whose projects include the National Museum of African American History and Culture (a big square)

and the Embassy of South Africa (squares);

Hazel Ruth Edwards, professor and chair of Howard University’s department of architecture (her bio page has none of her designs, but she did " including a crime mapping system, Founders Walk, and a shuttle circulation plan, which is still largely intact today) OHHHH college campus shuttle program designer, probably in squares.

Justin Garrett Moore, the inaugural program officer for the Humanities in Place program at the Andrew Mellon Foundation; Evidently he is big on raising up voices in public spaces, so he is into soap boxes, which are squares.

and Billie Tsien, partner for Todd Williams Billie Tsien Architects, the firm designing the Barack Obama Presidential Center. You guessed it.... a bunch of freaking squares making a big square!!!!!

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