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Here comes more handouts!!

"I'm from the government, and i'm here to help."

Why, why, why do they always have to monkey with things that are not broken on the basis of race, say they are broken because of race, and then break them because of race?

Don't answer that.

Madd Maxine is back at it again, says that somehow young blacks are incapable of saving up down payments for houses. First it was could not find DMV, late last week it was can't find lawyers and accountants, now it s can't find banks to set up savings accounts. Sure are a whole lot of lost people around the US.

OMG! Who is buying this BS?!?! Sure are a whole lot of lost people around the US.

**side note, Madd Maxine is on the financial services committee, and she is the chair. She is in charge of the purse strings and financial decision making, think about that for a few... no drinking afterwards**

The problems:

- Clinton monkeyed with the montage industry, we had the housing collapse in 2006

- This could lead to racial targeting of the aid and risks to the housing market.

- Waters' plan has triggered concern in the mortgage industry because it would require lenders to identify and direct aid to first-generation buyers

- it would worsen the affordable housing problem by driving up demand for homes at a time when supply is already at historic lows

- It will be cash for clunkers all over again, take all the affordable housing out of the housing market and price many people completely out of the market.

- It is proposed to be a forgivable loan, this will further flood the economy with created cash, this is going to catch up with us.

Look, I am all for everyone owning a home, >>who can afford to own a home<< that is the caveat. You need finally capable people purchasing a home, maintain them, not bailing out of the loans like what happened in the mid 2000's. And we do not need more cash being pumped into an already cash flush economy.

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help," there is nothing scarier to hear.

Get crazy maxine off any important committees too... put her and biden on one that passes fake legislation or something.

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