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Harvard Delenda Est

Harvard had already slipped into the realm of absurdity with the advent of Studies Degrees - garbage degree for the intellectually enfeebled that a Community College would've been embarrassed to offer 30 years ago. I must admit though: Churning out Marxist idiots with $200k in student loan debt & a useless degree is brilliant.

Harvard now is dead.

John Harvard was a Cambridge-educated clergyman who received a charter in 1636 to build America's first college, named in his honor, for the purpose of training new clergy for the growing "New World" that would - a century and a half later - become the United States. Harvard's motto is "VERITAS" - "Truth"... That needs to be changed.

This past week, Harvard appointed an atheist named Greg Epstein as its "Head of Chaplains". Now - it was already a stretch to pretend that Islam or Hinduism or other religions would be considered on-par with Christianity: Anybody that's travelled to and through countries that do not benefit from a Judeo-Christian foundation can tell you life is cheap in almost every other belief system, but to appoint a man who does not believe in God as chaplain? You can't get any more unserious and ridiculous than that.

John 18:38 Pilate said to Him (Jesus), “What is truth?” Pilate didn't know truth when he was face-to-face with it, Harvard is slaying the truth by appointing a "humanist" and atheist as the Head of Chaplains. Mocking God is generally a bad idea.

"Harvard must be destroyed" - but it seems to be doing a good job of destroying itself.

When Harvard hired an atheist to be the chief university chaplain | Voice | The Christian Post

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