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Happy Father's Day: George Floyd, Jacob Blake, et al: Black America, "Medice, cura te ipsum".

Why "White Privilege" is Total Bullshit: It's About the Dad, Not the Race.

  • What if all this misery and poverty isn’t from 400 years of “institutionalized American racism”? but rather from 55 years of failed Liberalism? Or even just 150 years of institutionalized racism within one Party?

  • What if it isn’t “White Privilege” but rather “Family with a Father” Privilege?

  • What if – instead of every time there are riots, it’s viewed as an indication of an internal crisis and not external “state sponsored” oppression?

  • What if – instead of chants and signs, community leaders took a good hard look at their own community – did an ‘intervention’ so to speak – and actually LED a revival?

  • What if A Sharpton actually instilled hope instead of anger? Actually worked to break the cycle of poverty and misery instead of enriching himself off of it? Threw water on the flames and not Kerosene?

  • What if we as a nation actually told men – regardless of race - to ‘man up’ and be fathers instead of baby daddies?

In 1960, 8 percent of American kids live in single-mother households. By 2010, it was a quarter of American kids. Now, that number hovers around 40%. For White kids, that number went from 7% to about 19%, but for Black Kids? It went from less than 20% to over 70% per Census and CDC data – it quadrupled.

Yes: Over 40% of kids are born to single moms: 24M kids under-18 live in Fatherless homes.

  • 52% of African American homes are Single Mother households: 4.15M of them.

  • 25% of Latino homes are led by a Single Mom.

  • 19% of White homes are Baby Momma homes.

Did you catch that? FIFTY-TWO PERCENT of African American households accounting for over 70% of Black children have no father in the house – that is not sustainable.

Growing up without a Father leads to all sorts of social maladies, such as: Increased odds of depression, likelihood of divorce as an adult, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide, juvenile delinquency and failing to finish High School. Fatherlessness directly correlates to decreased education attainment, life expectancy, lifetime income, job stability, mental health stability, and overall health.

Growing up without a Father exposes kids to far greater threats of abuse and death at the hands of the mom’s next boyfriend/baby daddy, a 4x greater chance of growing up in poverty, 9x more likely to drop out of high school, a 10x higher chance of addiction, and a 20x greater chance of being incarcerated. 90% of homeless kids don’t have a Father.

In major cities, the percentage of Single-Mother Households to ALL households below the poverty line is around 80%: Replacing "Dad" with a monthly check and attacking masculinity - as modern Liberalism & ‘Feminism’ have done for decades - has had a serious, deleterious effect in our inner cities (and in Appalachia, and on Indian Reservations…). No Father, No Chance; to steal from race provocateur “Reverend” Al Sharpton’s bag of chants…

LBJ’s “Great Society” is an abject and unmitigated failure: It is a total disaster that has gutted the American family, especially the African American family. Democrats like to pretend it’s a success out of willful ignorance or debased evil... or both. But they know the numbers even better than I do – which is even more evil and sadistic - but it's the wall socket to their power, so they're not going to fix it.

George Bush spoke of the “soft racism of low expectations”, Joe Biden reminds everybody of the on-going racism in the Democratic Party every few weeks: If you’re black and don’t vote for the party that has actively and passively destroyed your community for 165 years, you’re a traitor to your race. Trump asked Black voters what they had to lose in voting for him, and they lost the record rates of poverty, dependency, and unemployment under 0bama and gained record levels of employment and work force participation - along with prison reform - in 3 years under Trump before China loosed a biological weapon upon us.

If you’re still searching for institutional racism and asking people to ‘check their privilege’, well, look at the Party with the Jackass as their symbol, and check to see if you were raised with a father, step-father, grandfather or some strong father figure in your life and you’ll find what you’re looking for on both fronts.

We notice the effects in the Black Community because Blue Cities have 4 major local news networks covering the chaos on a nightly basis, but it's the same story in Appalachia and on Indian Reservations - it has NOTHING to do with race, it has EVERYTHING to do with the family structure.

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