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Happy Death-a-Versary, Rayshard Brooks

On June 12th of 2020, Rayshard Brooks passed out drunk behind the wheel of his car in a Wendy's drive-thru in Atlanta. Police responded, did a field sobriety test - which Mr. Brooks promptly failed - and were seen calmly talking to him as they began arresting him.

That's when it all went sideways...

Rayshard Brooks resisted arrest, assaulted the two cops attempting to cuff him, stole a taser off of one of them, attempted to use that taser on a cop - firing at and missing an officer - and began to flee when he was shot.

Brooks had a long and extensive criminal history, which is likely why he resisted: He’d been charged with - among other "misunderstandings with law enforcement" - such niceties as battery on a family member, felony cruelty to children, theft, receiving stolen property, interference with custody, obstruction of an officer executing his duties, weapons possession during the commission of a crime, and a handful of other "misunderstandings”: A real saint.

The Wendy's was, of course, burned to the ground within hours because ... I don't know why, because Brooks decided to die in their parking lot?

On the good side, Brooks' 4 illegitimate kids, now aged 2 to 14, received full-ride college scholarships; meaning Brooks achieved more for his kids in his death than he ever would have in life. No to mention, as a wife-beating, child-abusing drunk, they're probably all better off without him.

Thanks to "Your Content" News for the mug shot.

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