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Guess they needed a guy with a fiddle??

Hold on to your smart phones for this one folks...

$55K-a-year Corlears elementary school in Manhattan is among dozens in the US teaching children from book featuring 'whiteness' contract with the devil

Yep, you read that right, The book, Not My Idea by Anastasia Higginbotham, features a demonic-looking figure that offers a 'whiteness contract' and the contract grants 'stolen land and riches' to anyone who signs it, but it will 'mess endlessly' with the lives of loved ones and all people of color.

"Chris Rufo says the book, 'traffics in the noxious principles of race essentialism, collective guilt and anti-whiteness.' "

Also according to the book: 'Skin color makes a difference in how the world sees you and in how you see the world,' and 'your skin color affects the most ordinary daily experiences.'

This is most definitely "critical race applied principals", I tend to think that critical race theory is already in our rear view mirror and we are well into the application of the principals associated with it.

/s Fun part /s is that some school systems knew the issues with the book, and decided to edit out the controversial pages of the book:

"Rufo included links to the readings in his list.

"In one instance of a presentation for pre-school-aged children, the reading left out the two pages featuring the 'whiteness contract,' as did two others."

"Three other presentations included the pages, and one featured a principal quickly glossing over them, calling them additional 'activities and resources' that the book features."

Wow, just wow.

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