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Gaza is back in the news...

and they are back to lying about what is happening there.

**credit for all the screen caps and extensive research**

How to tweet like a Palestinian: Starter Pack Step 1: Lie

My heart goes out to the people in these pics..but they are not in Gaza.

Step 2: Get caught lying

Step 3: Lie about lying.

And its not like the have not done thistle after time after time...

Sometimes it blatantly obvious they are lying, Paging Dr. Heigl.

Maybe Rory Gilmore can help.

This is where it kind of goes pathetic, they will goto no end and actually take from movies.

1. Children don't wear mini skirts in Gaza.

2. This is a still from the movie Final Destination.

There are lies about kids being prison, well they are actors, Poor kid. In prison for 11 years, since the age of 6!

in case you can't read the claims under the picture here it is.... pull on those heart strings!

When all else fails, just grab a picture of the JEWISH Holocaust. This is low.

Claim: "This is not a shot from a movie."

Fact: "It's a shot from a Lebanese movie called Kingdom of Ants."

Yes, the post claims it is 'NOT' a post for a movie, so what do people do... search movies for the pic of course.

They mess up and use stock photos all the time... there are no mountains in Palestine.

They use pictures for Africa.

The photo shop in pictures too. The background is form Syria, the added building is staged with a perfect couch placement.

This goes on and on... and on

Gaza ≠ Syria

and it keeps going.. bu this is my last one. First the lie

but here is the truth.....

Propaganda is a horrible thing, but really horrible if you get caught.

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